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We're Sophie & Xenia. Sisters, best friends & at times mortal enemies!

We've both inherited an intense love for food and fresh, seasonal produce from our very talented mother, Golnar (thanks mum!). Whilst perhaps not the most enticing flavour combination, the name for our project rocket + basil was inspired by our pets. Rocket is the name of Xenia's cat, Basil is the name of Sophie's dog, and funnily enough, they're inseparable. we love to create beautiful, colourful dishes that reflect our mixed heritage growing up as German Iranians in Australia. we work primarily with seasonal produce to create unexpected and exciting food that showcases the versatility and beauty of middle eastern flavours and ingredients. With over 15 years of food industry experience combined, we’ve worn many hats: from food styling to recipe development, event production and small to large scale caterings, we’ve never been known to shy away from a challenge. we can’t wait to welcome you!




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